Brief introduction of Zhucheng Waimao Co.,Ltd.


Zhucheng Waimao Co. Ltd., founded in 1975, belongs to the first batch of national key leading enterprise in agricultural industry, owns 15000 employees, and established the Shandong Zhucheng Waimao Academician workstation. This company was awarded by national Ministry of Agriculture, the national standardization management committee and other departments as "national poultry processing professional branch center", " technology innovation organization in agricultural products processing enterprise", "national agricultural standardization demonstration zone", "provincial contract trustworthiness enterprise", "enterprise technology centers recognized by the Shandong province", has won the "top 10 slaughtering and meat processing industry in China enterprises", "top 50 Chinese meat industry", "national food industry key enterprise", " ten big brand enterprise of meat product industry in Shandong province" and other honorary titles. This company ranks the 372th in China top 500 private enterprises, and the 339th in China top 500 manufacture enterprises.

Around the main business segments of food, corn starch and pigment, the company formed a well-bred poultry breeding, feedstuff supplying, poultry slaughtering and cutting, cooked meat processing, starch production, pigment extraction pillar industries. In which, food segment formed an annual production capacity of 4.2 million sets of parents chicken breeders, 100 million of commodity generation chicken , 10 million of commodity generation ducks, 0.6 million tons of feed, 150 thousand tons of frozen chicken meat, 150 thousand tons of cooked chicken meat products, it is one of the largest broiler export production base in China. Corn starch segment formed an annual production capacity of processing 6 million tons corns, 4.2 million tons of corn starch, 0.3 million tons of modified starch, 0.9 million of feedstuff raw material, 0.8 million of maltose syrup, 0.3 million of sodium gluconate, 0.25 million tons of dextrose, 0.25 million tons of maltodextrin, 150 thousand tons of refined corn oil, is the Asia’s largest corn starch production and processing base. The Pigmeat segment formed anual processing pigment capacity 0.2 billion gram, is the world’s important natural feedstuff grade pigment export base. In 2017, the company achieved sales income 14.5 billion Yuan.

For years, the company has firmly established a "development with agriculture, rise and fall with farmers" management guiding ideology. Around foreign exchange earnings, efficient, modern agriculture, on the base of implementing “trade, industry and agriculture integrated operation, systematic management of production-processing-sales” business model, it takes the lead in establishing agricultural industrialization development road, establishing and perfecting standardization production system. At the same time of leading millions of peasants to participate in the international market competition, increase income to be rich, constantly becomes bigger and stronger, makes continuous contributions to agricultural and rural economic development. In 2017 the company released 9 billion Yuan of acquisition funds to the countryside which filled vitality for rural economy.

Zhucheng Waimao Co. Ltd. depending on healthy corporate image, deep industrial strength, good market reputation and high-quality product quality, has won widespread praise from all sectors of society. The party and state leaders Xi Jinping, Li Keqiang, Jiang Zemin, Li peng, Qiao shi, Zhu Rongji, Wen Jiabao, Li Lanqing, Zeng Qinghong, Wu Guanzheng, Zhang Gaoli, Wu Yi, Jiang Chunyun, Hui Liangyu, Chen Muhua successively visited the company for inspection guidance. For the company insisting on reformation, having the courage to explore and take the road of agricultural industrialization, fundamentally changing the pattern of China's agricultural development, promoting coordinated development of whole economy, they gave full affirmation.