The poultry products quality safety traceability systerm of zhucheng waimao co,ltd.


Zhucheng waimao co.,ltd. poultry products quality safety traceability systerm was the technical result which Zhucheng Waimao Co.,Ltd. worked together with Qingdao Agriculture University and Nanjing Agriculture University to depend on and the transform the finished iterms“national food safety””the broiler industrial technical systerm building”. This modern quality safe traceability systerm was aided financially to establish by Shandong self-innovation significant special iterm “Broiler products safe production informatization and qulity traceability systerm study and demonstration”, total investment 38.9 million Yuan, includes provincial special fund 10 million yuan and company self-financing 28.9 million yuan.

This systerm includes the informatization supervision management platform of broiler products all processing flows and quality safety traceability systerm 2 parts. The systerm has been lead into HACCP food quality safety management systerm, adopted modern electric technology to supervise and trace all flows on line from breeder birds breeding, broiler feeding to slaughtering, processing, transport and sales. And this systerm was also demonstrated for using and standardization establishing, realizes the long-distance on-line timely supervisition between the provincial and city all supervising authorities and enterprise interior. The internet customers can trace products all processing links information, flow direction and responsibility person and so on. At the same time, adopting the cell molecular biology technology to molecularly mark the poultry products, sufficiently and technically supports for products’ anti-fake.