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Raise our awareness to eliminate the root causes of the “four styles” and strengthen the foundation to tighten up the cage of regulation

2021-01-29 11:30:11 阅读 554

Under the guidance of the Party committee of the group company, a new discipline inspection committee was re-established. The Discipline Inspection Committee will conscientiously implement the decisions of the Party Committees and Discipline Inspection Committees at higher levels, resolutely implement the guiding spirit of the new leadership of the company, and comprehensively monitor the implementation of policies, resolutions, systems and requirements within the company in accordance with the law and regulations. Root out the bad elements, enhance the quality of Party members and cadres, and purify the company's production and operation environment.

Taking copper as a mirror, we can dress positively. Taking people as a mirror, we can know what we do is right or not. Taking history as a mirror, we will know how a country rises and falls. If the problems of formalism, bureaucracy and hedonism spread, it would be like an invisible wall separating the Party from the public. If it could not be effectively restrained, it would be like a merciless knife cutting off the flesh-and-blood ties between the Party cadres and the public. The chairman puts great emphasis on the "four styles" issue and calls for great efforts to eliminate them. Thoroughly eradicating the "four styles” must start from three aspects below.

First, we must resolutely eradicate vague consciousness. The Party members and cadres, especially senior cadres, should do a good job on education and practice in the spirit of rectification, resolutely break down ideological obstacles and abandon the vague consciousness of whoever comes and whoever cares, so that the ideological consciousness of seeking new changes and fighting with evil power must be in place.

Second, we must concentrate on solving the "four styles" issue. The cadres and the masses must resolutely safeguard the interests of the company from being infringed and regard the company as an "own responsibility” rather than a "privilege" of a minority. We should carry out a large investigation, overhaul and sweeping for the disadvantages of work style and behavior. 

Third, we should strive for the realization of the "four selves". That is self-purification, self-improvement, self-innovation, self-improvement. The four selves are the basic abilities that our Party can always walk in the forefront of the times, and are the important qualities for all Party comrades to play a vanguard and exemplary role. Only in this way can the party's education and practice be satisfied by the masses. Only when Party members and cadres realize the "four selves’’, can political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, core consciousness and catch-up consciousness be in place and the main direction be clearer, can the root cause of the "four styles" in the company be eliminated.

It is the duty of every citizen to abide by discipline and law, especially the laws and regulations concerning professional discipline and professional activities. Nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards. In order to achieve the healthy and orderly development of the company, we must form a socialist moral concept in the company, which is "proud to abide by the law, shame to break the law" and make it our honor to abide by the law. How to tighten the cage of the system, safeguard the authority of the system, keep the system construction in mind, engrave it into our nerves and infuse it into our blood?

First, we need to learn the law, understand the law, use the law, do not violate the law. A state has laws, a family has rules, a factory has discipline. We should be conscious of the rules and regulations of the factory, study and work related laws and regulations, normally the company's factory regulations is based on the relevant laws and regulations of the state, so law-abiding must comply with discipline, discipline is the basis of law-abiding. Starting from obeying the company regulation, starting from small things, starting from our behavior, we should deeply accept the lessons of those who break the law are put in the prison, always warn ourselves to be self-reliant, self-esteem, self-respect, self-warning, self-love, and strive to be advocates abiding by discipline and law, do not break the law, and supervise others not break the law.

Second, we should have a red light in mind and work with a bottom line. Just like the traffic rules of "stop at red light, go at Green light", all members of an enterprise must always abide by the law, be honest and self-disciplined, act according to the rules, know what should be advocated, what should be opposed, what should be resisted, so that the red light is always on in their mind. Only by truly abiding by the law and walking the green light, forbidding rushing the red light, abiding by the law and abiding by the law, and being integrate and honest, can the members of the enterprise ensure the healthy and smooth development of the "enterprise road" and "life road" towards the distant place. Some of our Party members and cadres are just like the people in our daily life: some drive unlicensed cars to change lanes and run red lights, some electric cars to turn at will and do not follow the signal lights, some pedestrians do not walk on zebra crossings or even walk disorderly across the road. And so on, in fact, like some of the company's lawbreakers, some acts like driving an unlicensed car without supervision, like electric cars, like a bully, like pedestrians do whatever they want. Frankly speaking, their self-discipline is not strong enough, self-restraint is not enough and supervision is not in place. As everyone knows, all traffic violations are traceable, and the accidents can be traced back. Most of those who violate the law and discipline are just like the above. People often say that the development of enterprises is fundamental, and discipline is the guarantee. At the critical moment of fully implementing the enterprise development spirit of "building new Waimao and creating new brilliance" put forward by Chairman Wang Juquan, besides strengthening the efforts of running enterprises according to law, managing enterprises according to law and managing enterprises according to law, all Waimaoers are required to put every effort together for development. The spirit, constantly strengthen the awareness of discipline and law-abiding, better play the role of law and discipline for the development of enterprises. As every employee of an enterprise, abiding by discipline and law is the most basic moral bottom line and the basis of doing a good job. Therefore, we should take abiding by the law as our duties and obligations that we must fulfill.

Third, we must obey the law and enforce the law strictly. With the change of market economy and social atmosphere, some of the cadres and staff members who are in power within the Party can't be clean and self-satisfied. They can't review and restrict themselves correctly by implementing the new tasks and requirements laid out by the company. Their will and beliefs are gradually distant from the company's requirements. What they have done has seriously affected the company's reputation and made the masses of the people against the company. With different views, we gradually lose the support of the masses in the development of enterprises. In view of this, the task of eliminating the bad behaviors and the disadvantages is heavier and more urgent than ever. In line with the principle of insight, reform, and thorough investigation, we are determined to severely punish some wrongdoers, especially those who do not realize their faults after propaganda and education. The Discipline Inspection Commission will conduct strict supervision over discipline violations through thorough investigation.

As the saying goes, there are two knives on the top of the Chinese character Tan(greedy) . Greed is a common disease of human beings, everyone has greed, but there is a degree of greed, and the bottom line can not be broken. A wise man will stop when he has got enough, but a fool can not stop. It ended up in a tragic scene of imprisonment and loss of freedom. The so-called "the honest people who have no demand can live full of joy, while the corrupt people often complain that they don’t have much enough. Therefore, all of Party members and cadres should cherish all the good times they have at present, do not pay a lifetime price or even spread the pain to several families for a moment of greed.

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