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Brief introduction of the Zhucheng Waimao Healthy Food Industry Park

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In order to speed up the transformation of old and new energy and promote the high quality development of the company, we will build a Zhucheng Waimao Healthy Food Industry Park with the principle of "first-class domestic planning and design, first-class equipment and hardware in the world" and implement the overall relocation and transformation and upgrading. The project is located to the east of Zhuocun village of west bank of Weihe River in the Development Zone of Zhucheng,between Hengwu Road and Hengliu Road, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, covering 540 Mu and a total construction area of about 370,000 square meters. After the project is put into operation, 100 million broilers will be slaughtered annually, 170,000 tons of cooked and prepared products will be processed, with annual sales revenue of 4.985 billion yuan, profits of 256 million yuan and taxes of 213 million yuan. The quality and efficiency of enterprise development will be significantly improved.


Map of the current location of Zhucheng Waimao and the new location

The company signed a construction engineering design contract on June 22, entrusting the leading design company China Food and Agriculture Group Huashang International Engineering Co., Ltd. (formerly the Domestic Trade Engineering Design Institute) to be responsible for planning, architectural design and landscape design. The project planning adheres to the idea of "green and environment-friendly, people-oriented", to implement the sustainable development strategy and fully meet the requirements of health and epidemic prevention, fire protection and environmental protection.


Aerial view (blue print) of Zhucheng Waimao Healthy Food Industry Park

(Northeast perspective, night view)


Aerial view (blue print) of Zhucheng Waimao Healthy Food Industry Park

(Southeast perspective, night view)

The eastern side of the project is a 70 meter wide urban green belt, facing the Weihe River with a beautiful natural environment. The urban green space landscape pays attention to the design of "point, line and surface" and scenic spots are designed at both ends of the South and north as well as at the central position. From north to south, they are "Zhong Ling Yu Xiu", "Near-water Terrace", “Quiet Winding Path", "Surprising View" and "Liuli Royal Road" sequently. Scenic plants are coordinated and balanced with distinct layers according to local conditions, including trees, shrubs, lawns and aquatic plants which forge an amazing painting.  Appreciating the flowers in spring, enjoying the cool in summer, admiring the leaves in autumn and watching branches in winter. The beautiful natural landscape is in your view at any time.


Blue print of Zhucheng Waimao Healthy Food Industry Park(part)

Park planning focuses on the integration of urban landscape belt with green landscape infiltrating into the park naturally, to provide an amazing factory landscape. The Park highlights the local characteristics, introducing the dragon-shaped water system into the urban green belt, to make the water system and the park together into a "dragon concept". The Park as a whole embodies the "one belt, two axes, three groups" mode, and is divided into slaughter and cutting zones, meat products processing zones, further processing zones and complex zones composed of office buildings, research and development centers, exhibition centers, conference centers, dormitory buildings, etc. according to the use function, realizing the separation and non-interference between workers and vehicles, and improving the park’s running efficiency and safety.


Blue print of Zhucheng Waimao Healthy Food Industry Park(part)

Each building in the park follows the function of natural superposition to reflect the modern and dynamic design, to form the elegant space rhythm and to create a beautiful and comfortable Park environment. Each production area is closely and conveniently linked, the spatial structure is clear and scattered; the buildings in the complex area adopt the streamlined design, surrounded by the combination of Yin and Yang patterns standing for happiness and peace. The smooth lines and artistic architecture display of industrial and natural integration of architectural culture in different respects.


Blue print of Zhucheng Waimao Healthy Food Industry Park(part)

The project will embody the leading technology of green development, environmental protection and energy-saving in China: the processing workshop adopts the most automated slaughtering and cutting equipment and intelligent freezing equipment in the world; cooked food packing adopts multi-head weighing and packing machine, automatic cartoning system, automatic palletizing system with manipulators; cartons and other packagings use automatic conveying system; the technology of compressed heat pump applies to the waste heat recycling; ammonia and carbon dioxide cascade refrigeration system, heat conducting oil boiler heating system and solar photovoltaic power generation system are introduced. It not only greatly reduces labor consumption, but also improves the production efficiency and creates good economic benefits.

With the completion of Zhucheng Waimao Healthy Food Industrial Park, the modern high-end food processing industrial park supported by high-tech will become a new model of the industry, leading the food processing industry to a new peak!