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A letter to employees of Zhucheng Waimao Co., Ltd

2021-01-29 11:31:50 阅读 824

Dear Colleagues,

Under the guidance of the development strategic plan by Chairman Wang Juquan, the company has launched a comprehensive reform process since April in the aspects of system, structure, personnel, operation, brand and so on. Since May 21, Jinji Feedstuff Company has taken the lead in implementing competition for management posts. In line with the principle of fairness, equity and openness, the company has successively launched competition for cadres at all levels of feed and food sectors, and in the near future will be implemented in the breeding sector and the headquarters. We adopt a competitive approach in the company's human resources management work. As a result, although there is no drastic change in the re-appointed personnel - this also shows that the vast majority of our cadres can be competent with their jobs; however in the process, people's attitudes towards posts and work have changed dramatically, their awareness of hardship, the sense of competition and responsibility has been sharply strengthened, the atmosphere of entrepreneurship has become more and more strong, the spirit of vigor and vitality has been inspired. And those who, for various reasons, still persevere in competing for other positions, and those who can fully correctly understand and accept the company's arrangements, are equally worthy of our respect.

As for cadres, Mr. Wang quoted Chairman Mao's words several times: after the correct line is determined, cadres are the determinants. The selection of cadres is the first step for the company to establish and improve various systems, reform personnel work, and is also a key step for the revitalization of Zhucheng Waimao. To this end, the company has issued the programmatic document of "requirements for the management of cadres at all levels of the company" , stressing that cadres at all levels to overcome difficulties, taking the lead to establish a sense of responsibility; set an example, taking the lead to establish a sense of discipline; care for the grass-roots level, taking the lead to establish a sense of service; self-restraint, taking the lead to establish a sense of integrity. Moreover, cadres above the medium level should write to the chairman once a month. After the establishment of the cadre team and the standardization of the cadre management, we hope that all the staff will actively participate in the reform of the company, and work together to create a clean and energetic enterprise environment to promote the development of the company.

Cadres are the key and employees are the foundation. The company has made a decision to put workers' wages in the first place of all expenses and never to default in the future. Under this premise, we should improve the wages and salaries of employees and improve the working environment and living conditions.

Every employee in Zhucheng Waimao is a member of the company. The success or failure of the company is closely related to the vital interests of everyone. Therefore, for the sake of personal future, for the development of the company, for the sake of career progress, we must work together with every effort. We call on the cadres and workers to establish confidence, love their posts and work hard and take responsibility, cultivate a sense of responsibility, enhance cohesion and play a positive role. At the same time, we also hope that we can fully develop the spirit of ownership, give full play to individual intelligence and initiative, stimulate their own vitality and creativity, and actively put forward production management, product research and development, technological transformation, process optimization, marketing strategies, market development, service innovation and other aspects of rationalization proposals. Once the relevant opinions and suggestions are accepted, we will reward the proposers according to their effectiveness and value created.

The company's e-mail address is We welcome colleagues to be bold in advising, making suggestions, making concerted efforts to seek enterprise development, and integrating knowledge with practice to realize self-worth.

I wish all my colleagues good health, good work and a happy family.


Zhucheng Waimao Co., Ltd