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Planting in spring and growing in summer, resonant horn inspiring people to move on

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On June 4, 2018, the company held the second meeting of middle and senior management since the establishment of a new leading group. If the first meeting of middle and senior management on April 10 sounded the rally call intending to set off, then this time it was a bugle call, ready to fight. Chairman Wang Juquan delivered a high-spirited and inspiring speech in regard to the crisis, development, market, research and development, brand, talent, etc. He fully mobilized staff to start the company's reform, deployment and related jobs.





Zhucheng Waimao has long been well-known and leading in the industry, yet it also has many drawbacks in the development process, lagging behind the same industry little by little compared with latecomers.

There is an the old sayings that goes ‘Poverty leads to changes, changes in turn lead to finding a way out, and in turn becomes sustainable’. If we do not change our thinking, do not regenerate, do not open up a new path, there will be no way out. Rome is not built in one day, nor can one person’s strength turn the world around. It requires all cadres and staff to work together, to combine diligence with thrift, to expand markets and cut off expenditures, to abandon bad habits, to get rid of accumulated abuses.

Therefore, the company has made a planning and arrangement of "two projects, two strategies, two first-class" (the overall relocation project and joint venture projects in Shanxi, talent development strategy and brand development strategy, first-class design and construction at home and first-class equipment and hardware in the world), striving to achieve the target of annual slaughter capacity of 200 million broilers and sales revenue of 10 billion yuan within three years. At present, the overall relocation project has finalized the design idea and overall plan, and is expected to start construction in August. In 2019, a gorgeous and beautiful garden-style factory will be displayed to us.

【Person·Personnel / Talent】

In an economic entity, talent is strength, management is software, market is framework, and product is content. Talents are the driving force of all these links: improving software with strength (talent management optimization), building framework with strength (talent market development), filling content with strength (talent research and development products), production, management, technology, sales, research and development all need talents. If we want to improve our management and win the battle, we must reform the production factor of people, carry out unselfish institutional integration, personnel reorganization, team reorganization, and associate the company’s benefit closely with the position responsibilityand personal interests, and make a great enterprise with talented persons.

For this reason, we should go ahead in the two directions of streamlining personnel and recruiting talents outside. We need to recruit all kinds of talents, professionals, wizards across the country to create a prosperous future.

【Site·Stance /Sales】

We should establish and practice the management concept of big market and small factories which should always follow the market. Using attractive policies and interest-linking mechanisms, thousands of salesmen, dealers, agents, channel operators and partners have been widely mobilized to make full use of their efforts and energy in an all-round way, opening up a boundless frontline on China's territory, consolidating our market shares, filling gaps, and quickly expanding the market. Within three years, our market should expand at least three times. Marketing is critical to our survival and development.

We should also increase the manpower, material resources, financial resources and energy to promote the brand strategy, by fully utilizing the golden sign of Zhucheng Waimao. Brand is intangible,but priceless; brand is not only a good reputation, but also valuable wealth.

We should also continue to intensify research and development efforts, market-oriented, trend-based, resource-based, from all aspects to stimulate inspiration, not afraid of trials and mistakes, introducing any means of new production development including innovating,  learning, improving, buying off, always seizing the market by continuously pushing new products to the public.

Although the road is very rough, the resonant horn is inspiring us to move on. Let's embark on a new journey to advance boldly and vigorously!